Welcome to WineWays

Welcome to WineWays

My name is Michael Palij and I am delighted to welcome you to my world of wine.  I'm a UK-based Master of Wine and have spent the past twenty years tasting, studying, and importing some of Italy's finest wines.

Recently I decided to share my passion, making it possible for small groups of wine lovers to explore Italy’s finest wine regions with me. I personally guide this tour and, as we travel some of the great wine-ways of Italy, we learn something of the ways of the great winemakers.

What makes these trips unique is that we will have full and unfettered access to a side of Italy that is never open to the public, access that is only made possible through my work as an importer.  Over the past two decades I have made contact with some of the leading figures in Italian oenology and, from time to time, they allow me to introduce a few people to the world in which they live and work every day.  Here are a few highlights:

  • We will stay in a castle.  This is not a castle that has been turned into a 5* hotel in which the owner hasn’t been seen for a decade, but a castle that is still a private residence
  • We will eat good food.  Not in a Michelin-starred restaurant or at a contrada dinner to which anyone can buy tickets but at the dining table of our host. Imagine eating wild boar shot on the estate, farro grown in the fields around the castle, olive oil cold-pressed from trees that you can touch from your bedroom window.
  • We will drink nice wine.  Not a quick tasting of Brunello or Chianti but a series of in-depth tastings that explore the world’s greatest wines including First Growth claret, Grand Cru burgundy, the Super-Tuscans, and older vintages from the estate’s private reserves.  Some will be blind, all will be legendary.
  • We will have a guide.  Not just one and not just any.  You will be accompanied on the gastronomic portion of this tour by one of the world’s leading experts on Italian wine and for the cultural portion by both our host and (where schedules allow) by Mark Powell FRGS, an Oxford graduate and lecturer at Cambridge.

These journeys are exclusive, expensive and strictly limited.  They're not for everyone and they never will be. You can discover more by looking at the description of a current WineWays experience here; should you feel that it might be for you, please email me. If and when a place becomes available I'll be sure to let you know. As with all life's finer pleasures, it's simple.

Michael Palij, MW

Michael Palij, MW                                                                        michael@wine-ways.com